Sathya: Here’s Why Nirmala Should Believe Sathya When She Says That Sarvanan Is At Fault

As Sathya tries to bring out Sarvanan’s true colours, here is why Nirmala should believe her!

Bhavna Gandikota

April 9, 2021


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As Selvi battles for her life in the hospital, the popular TV show Sathya takes a dark turn. Saravanan dupes Selvi after tying the knot with her and spiking her drink. While Sathya tries to expose his true colors in front of the family, not too many people believe her and one of them is Sarvanan’s mother Nirmala.

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Selvi is battling for her life

Selvi is in the hospital between life and death, which proves that she is clearly the one who was affected by all of it. If she was taking advantage of Sarvanan, then she would have run away, and he would have been the one in the hospital. She is clearly the one who is suffering the damages, and this is all that his family needs, to see the truth. Saravanan on the other hand is happy and healthy with no remorse!

Selvi could have taken advantage in other ways

Selvi was already working as a maid for Prabhu’s house. She could have stolen things from them, without their knowledge, given how much they trust her. She would not have to take a big risk by getting married to Sarvanan, just for their family’s health, as Sarvanan claims. She could have extorted money from him even without getting married, if that was her real motive.

Sarvanan and Nirmala in Sathya
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Sathya and her credibility

Sathya has time and again proven that she is intelligent and does not jump to a conclusion without any pieces of evidence. Knowing Sathya, her family must know that there must be some truth to her words. Nirmala might not want to believe her but she can at least try to look for the truth herself, before jumping to the conclusion that her son can do no wrong.

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