Sathya Enna Penkutty: With Sathya still behind bars, what can Sudhi do to save her?

With Sathya still in police custody, Sudhi must decide fast whether to follow Satheeshan and lawyer’s advice or make a move on his own. Read on.

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January 8, 2021



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Sathya only means well and she ended up in police custody. As absurd as that sounds, it is clear about how far-fetched Abhijit’s plan was to frame Sathya and Sudhi and make them struggle. On Sathya Enna Penkutty, Sathya has faced some ill treatment from the police officials who made her sit with criminals. As of now Sathya is still in jail and it is tough to believe that Sudhi is finding it harder by day to save her. After all, Sudhi trusts Satheeshan and this has a big part to play in Sathya falling into a trap.

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Sudhi means well but he is surely not aware of the big picture. Sathya was framed and the earliest Sudhi understands the foul play in it, the better. As of now, Sudhi should have arranged for a good lawyer. Instead he trusted Satheeshan with this part. As we know, Satheeshan is cunning and he sets up his lawyer to tell Sudhi that nothing can be done to save Sathya and he buys this. One way Sudhi could have solved the problem was by informing a good lawyer but he didn’t.

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Now, Satheeshan’s lawyer tells him that Sathya can only be freed if the petitioner takes back the case. This is a setup that Satheeshan is pushing Sudhi into. Sudhi could now choose to follow or not follow this. Knowing Sudhi well, he is very unlikely to disagree. Like the lawyer said, Sudhi will have to agree to any demands and this might lead to more problems than he imagines. But, there are chances that he could accept this as it is something affecting Sathya and he can go to any extent to protect her. Even though he doesn’t show it, he cares for Sathya a bit too much to watch her struggle in police custody.

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Now, Sudhi could go to Abhijit and ask for his help in the matter. This is where the foul play wins. Abhijit wants nothing but Sudhi’s downfall and he could make demands that beats anyone’s expectations and it will seem harder to accept. One other way is if Sudhi starts investigating on his own, following Cleetus’ doubts and this could expose Satheeshan. This is the most effective way out of the trap as Satheeshan and his crooked plans must be exposed if Sudhi wants to live peacefully.

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