Sathya Enna Penkutty: With Sathya and Sudhi’s marriage in jeopardy, revisiting 7 beautiful moments they shared

Relive some of the most memorable moments between our beloved Sathya and Sudhi, as their marriage is now more uncertain than ever.

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February 23, 2021


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Lately, we all have witnessed how the situation keeps going from bad to worse, for Sathya and Sudhi in Sathya Enna Penkutty. With endless manipulations and evil schemes to tear them apart, at the moment, Sathya and Sudhi seem to be farther than ever. In the recent episodes, we saw how Divya’s reentry into the couple’s lives has brought in nothing but chaos. That, combined with Abhijit and Jenny’s planning and Sujitha-Baiju’s mind games, has successfully created a rift between Sathya and Sudhi.

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Sathya and Sudhi’s relationship has seen numerous ups and downs throughout the time they’ve known each other. From not being fond of each other, to becoming friends, and later getting married to each other, their equation has definitely evolved. Today, when all the maneuvering has led to such a big misunderstanding between the couple, let’s take a trip down memory lane and relive some of our favourite Sathya-Sudhi moments:

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The supermarket incident

It was an unexpectedly delightful scenario when Sathya and Sudhi were stuck in the Supermarket at night. In spite of being bad at cooking, Sathya managed to make a yummy batch of noodles that Sudhi excitedly gulped down. That day not only us, but even Sudhi got to see Sathya’s caring side, as she cooked and made the bed for Sudhi.

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Sathya tended to Sudhi

When Sudhi was hospitalised following his accident, we all loved how Sathya tended to him. Despite the fact that she said that she never wanted to see him, the way Sathya rushed to the hospital to take care of him clearly shows her affection towards him.

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Sudhi and Sathya’s first Onam together

When Sudhi compliments Sathya, we blush along with her, and that’s exactly why we loved their first Onam together. Not only did he compliment her outfit, but Sudhi also distributed Onapadaa with Sathya by his side. The way they looked at each other while having the Onam Sadya gave us all the butterflies.

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Sathya’s romantic confession

Very rarely do we see a girl confessing her love first, but our favourite Sathya has never been one to be bound by conformist ideologies. As she saw the lengths Sudhi was willing to go for her happiness on her birthday, Sathya couldn’t hold her feelings in anymore and said everything to Sudhi. We surely loved this vulnerable yet brave side of Sathya.

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A day at the beach

The smile that came on Sathya’s face when Sudhi suggested a day out was just priceless. Despite some interruptions from the goons, Sathya and Sudhi definitely had a blast at the beach. The childlike happiness on Sathya’s face said it all.

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Sathya saved Sudhi’s life after a snakebite

Though Sathya keeps proving her love for Sudhi time and again, one of our favourites was when she decided to suck out the venom from when a snake bit Sudhi. The way she put her life in danger in order to save Sudhi was commendable.

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Sudhi and Sathya’s temple wedding

Despite being married under peculiar circumstances, the love and respect Sathya and Sudhi have for each other is pretty evident, even if Sudhi himself doesn’t see it yet. And hence, when the duo got married in front of the temple for a second time, our hearts just leaped out with joy.

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All these moments have undoubtedly made us nostalgic. We soon hope to see a day when Sudhi trusts Sathya once again, wholeheartedly, like he used to before.

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