Sathya Enna Penkutty: What will Sathya’s pregnancy prank finally result in?

Sathya decided to pull a prank on Sujitha. Let’s find out if she went too far with it.

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January 30, 2021



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Sathya has always been the smart one in Sathya Enna Penkutty. From her witty comebacks to sensible pranks, we have seen how clever she can be. However, she might have gone overboard with her latest prank and it is a bit scary too. In a recent episode of our favourite serial, we saw Sathya trying to pull Sujitha’s leg with a prank and it went too. Now, she and Sudhi have got stuck in it themselves.

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Sathya and Sudhi were left agitated by Baiju and Sujitha’s latest plan to expose them. After their unethical action of keeping a hidden camera in the couple’s bedroom, Sathya had to give a reply. Only this time, she decided to do it with a prank. Sathya fakes being pregnant and instantly catches Sujitha in the trap who can later be seen crying and complaining to Baiju, and the mission is a complete success.

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However, more problems arise from this as Sudhi’s parents get involved and get excited about the good news. Sudhi, who is initially surprised, is now stuck in a weird position. Now, there are three ways things could go from here.

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Sudhi can remain angry at Sathya and choose to inform the truth to his parents. Even though this will end all confusions and lies, it might lead to Sathya losing all respect in the household as she lied about such a thing. Chandradas will be heartbroken and it might even lead to Sathya being forced out of the household. But it will be worse if Baiju and Sujitha find out that the pregnancy isn’t real. The wicked duo could find multiple ways to put Sathya and Sudhi in tougher positions from here.

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The other possibility is if Sudhi plays along with Sathya’s plan and eventually figures something out to resolve the issue. However, this might lead to problems in the future as the couple will have to show proof in a few months. The only other way remaining is if the couple could move out of the family and come up with a possible explanation for the whole event. As the spotlight is now on an angry Sudhi, it’s a waiting game to see what he does next.

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