Sathya Enna Penkutty: Sujitha and Baiju’s ill plans falling flat on the stomach is a true delight for the audience

As Sujitha and Baiju come up with a new plan that is bound to fail, let’s remember the times when their ill ideas fell flat on the stomach.

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January 30, 2021



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We all love to hate the Baiju-Sujitha duo in Sathya Enna Penkutty. From wanting to be the nice ones in their parents’ eyes to plotting crooked plans against Sathya, the duo has often entertained us with their moments. However, their plans are not always the smartest and thus often fall flat. As the duo is cooking up yet another ill plan, we remind you of other times when their ideas fell short or even backfired.

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The hidden camera

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In the latest episode of our favourite serial, we saw Baiju and Sujitha come up with a new plan against Sathya. By planting a hidden camera in her room, the duo plans to expose her and Sudhi’s problems and manage to get Sathya kicked out of the house, by showing the same to Chandradas. Even though the plan feels fool-proof as we know that Sathya and Sudhi sleep separately, it’s bound to fail as it was plotted by Baiju and Sujitha. Chandradas might not even take the proof into consideration just because it’s brought forward by the wicked duo.

Satheeshan’s foul play

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Satheeshan had come up with a plan to sabotage Sudhi’s position in the company and earn lakhs on the back of it by bringing a bad work proposal. This was identified by Sathya who helped Sudhi find it and avoid it. This proved to be disappointing for Baiju and Sujitha, who would have a bigger share if this worked out. The duo is the inside accomplice for Satheeshan and by signing the deal, Sudhi was going to go out of business, causing problems in the household. Sujitha would then turn it all on Sathya but nothing took the stage as the plan was nipped in the bud by Sathya and Sudhi.

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Embarrassment to praises

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Sujitha had been successful in getting her and Sudhi’s mother against Sathya. Following Baiju’s words, she convinced her mother that Sathya will make their household’s reputation fall. Following this, as guests from the women’s club were coming for a visit, Sujitha was the happiest as she thought that the socially well-placed women would help her mother realise that Sathya doesn’t belong there. However, the plan backfired as the guests praise Sathya for her achievements and bravery, leaving Baiju and Sujitha agitated and their mother confused.

Chandradas’ approval

Sujitha had her hopes high when she made Sathya cook. As per her wicked plan, she gave Sathya all the wrong tips to ruin her dishes. However, the plan fell flat on its belly as Chadradas recognised the chef by the taste and praised Sathya for the good meal.

Destruction of reputation

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The wicked couple had a golden opportunity in hand to destroy Sathya’s reputation in the household while she went to jail. Instead of playing it smooth and slow, Baiju and Sujitha pounced on her value in the family and tried to prolong her stay in the jail by demotivating Sudhi to fight legally. However, Sudhi saw through the plan and lashed out at his sister and brother-in-law, once again putting off the duo’s ill plan.

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