Sathya Enna Penkutty: Sudhi and Chandradas might be on the verge of a fallout, here’s why

Sudhi’s behaviour lately has disturbed the highly virtuous character of Chandradas. It is only a matter of time until the ideal father-son duo fall-out.

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March 16, 2021



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Sathya and Sudhi are going through the worst time on Sathya Enna Penkutty. The couple, who has been through a lot by now, is on the verge of breaking up and everything around them seems to be going downhill too. With Divya’s re-entry and Abhijit’s ploys combined with Sujitha manipulation, Sathya seems to be in a losing battle and Sudhi seems to be unaware of the trap he is walking right into. However, Sudhi’s actions are affecting not just Sathya but everyone in the Manimangalam family and Chandradas can’t seem to not worry about it.

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Sudhi is now in a conundrum and can’t seem to get his head around it. Divya’s re-entry has made him lose all control over himself and his life. It all began to go downhill and keeps adding with every passing day. His behaviour towards Sathya is now completely disrespectful and it doesn’t seem to get better anytime soon. Sathya is on the verge of breaking out over the same and this is one of the reasons that are driving Chandradas angry.

Sudhi and Sathya in Sathya enna Pnekutty
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Chandradas is a calm and composed person. Good at heart, he always stands by what’s right. Lately, he has been disturbed by Sudhi’s actions and has been vocal about it too. But the real question is if the father-son duo is really going to have a clash with one another. Well, it is hard to say because of Chandradas’ calm behaviour but chances are too high and Sudhi really seems to get worse.

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Sudhi tested his father’s patience when he said that he was thinking about Divya. For Chandradas, his married son thinking about another woman seemed unacceptable and he lashed out about the same. It started the fall-out between the two which added up on Sudhi’s birthday when he disrespectfully cancelled the party Chandradas had arranged for him. The latter was left furious.

Chandradas in Sathya enna penkutty
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Now, Divya has made her way into the family and Sudhi seems to be happy about it. Although he doesn’t show it outside, Chandradas hates this new turn of events. He wants his son to send her back and cancel all arrangements with her and get back with Sathya but this seems easier said than done as Sudhi looks like he has fallen for Divya again. Chandradas, who is a virtuous man would find this totally unacceptable and it is only a matter of time until he lashes out at Sudhi about the same. The ideal father-son duo is really on the verge of a fall-out and it is a waiting game to see if Sudhi really does something about it.

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