Sathya Enna Penkutty: Sathya’s immediate priority should be to convince Sudhi’s mother that she meant no harm, here’s why

Sathya’s prank went out of hand and Abhijit’s evil plan is on the verge of success. Here’s why convincing Sudhi’s mother of her innocence should be Sathya’s immediate task.

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February 5, 2021


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In the latest episodes of Sathya Enna Penkutty, we saw Sathya facing a major dilemma. With the recent turn of events, the day isn’t too far when Sathya will lose her place at Sudhi’s family. With almost everyone turning against Sathya over the prank she played, the options to win them back have narrowed. Here’s why convincing Sudhi’s mother of her innocence might just be Sathya’s only way out.

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Sathya is stuck in a ditch and a deep one that too. What started off as her prank to fool Sujitha has now made her lose everyone’s trust. Sathya’s false alarm of being pregnant couldn’t have come at a worse timing as Radhika had already begun trusting Sujitha and Baiju’s words for Sathya.

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Now that Sathya has lost everyone’s trust and is on her way out, the only person she can work to convince is Sudhi’s mother. However, with Baiju and Sujith on constant alert to find newer problems for Sathya, this job wouldn’t be as easy.

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Sathya could have directly approached Chandradas and Radhika and opened her heart out. Chandradas being the trusting and father figure to her, would have helped her convince Radhika too. But, little did she know that Abhijit was cooking up a fresh plan and using Divya as a weapon. The fake call to Sudhi’s mother pretending to be Divya went just as Abhijit had planned.

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The call has now struck doubts in Radhika’s mind and her words to Chandradas proves the same. Even though Divya is not a part of Sudhi’s life anymore, a confused Radhika has begun to fall for the trap and might soon talk to Sudhi regarding the same. Having such a time-ridden problem in hand, Sathya’s immediate priority is to approach Sudhi’s mother with an honest apology explaining the real intention behind her prank’s. Even though it might infuriate them further, it will help her in the end. As the situation gets intense, it’s a waiting game to see what Sathya will do next.

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