Sathya Enna Penkutty: Sathya’s decision to leave Sudhi’s house and go back home was indeed the right one

Sathya displayed her strength by leaving Manimangalam when it became unbearable for her to take Sudhi’s constant insults. Here’s why we think she took the right decision.

Shrudi Shyam

March 18, 2021


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Sathya has always been portrayed as a strong independent character who never shies away from doing what she feels is right. In fact, these were the very qualities that made us fall in love with her. But lately, we’ve been seeing a very disheartened, timid Sathya, who was suffering at the hands of love. However, in the recent episodes of Sathya Enna Penkutty, we finally saw her standing up for herself. Post the birthday fiasco with Sudhi, she left Manimangalam and went back home. While we hate seeing Sathya and Sudhi apart, we believe Sathya took the right decision this time.

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Sathya fell in love with Sudhi from the very start of the show. Ever since then, the poor girl has been sacrificing everything for his happiness. Despite the fact that she loved him, she supported Sudhi and Divya’s marriage. Not only that, she even got married to him owing to Divya’s disappearance on the marriage day only for the sake of both the families.

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Our hearts broke when we saw Sathya leave Manimangalam stating that she can’t live with Sudhi as long as he hates her. But on the other hand, we also feel that it was the right decision for her. It was high time that she stood up to Sudhi for all the humiliation and pain he has caused her. With Sudhi’s hatred increasing, Sathya would’ve been hurt even further had she not left Manimangalam.

Sathya and Sudhi
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Although Sudhi didn’t stop Sathya, this period away from her would surely give him time to think back on his actions. On the other hand, Sathya was trying to distract herself by working in the garage. Managing her dad’s workshop had given Sathya the confidence she needed to face the world. Hence, she might again drive strength from this experience.

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Moreover, Chandradas wouldn’t let Sathya stay away from Sudhi for long and would send the latter to get her back home. While Sudhi would definitely miss Sathya, his ego wouldn’t let him get her back. Here is where Chandradas would come into play and give Sudhi the required push to get her back home.

Sudhi and Chandradas
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The fact that Sathya had the guts to leave Manimangalam shows the kind of strength she imbibes. As the saying goes ‘distance makes the heart grow fonder,’ this decision might also make her relationship with Sudhi better.

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