Sathya Enna Penkutty: How different would things be if Divya was found by Sathya instead of Abhijit?

Iif Divya would’ve met Sathya instead of Abhijit, both the sisters would’ve had a much simpler life. Here’s why,

Shrudi Shyam

March 27, 2021


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Lately, things have not been going well on Sathya Enna Penkutty. Sathya and Sudhi are on the verge of a divorce. The recent newspaper article about Sathya has caused major chaos in Manimangalam. And on top of it, Sathya’s interview with the reporters only made things worse for her. In fact, even Sudhi is so affected by this that he has again resorted to drinking. And who’s the reason behind all their misery? Abhijit! That evil man hasn’t let a moment go by without plotting how to ruin, Sudhi and Sathya.

Check out what’s happening on Sathya Enna Penkutty:

Currently, Abhijit is seen using Divya as his pawn, brainwashing and manipulating her into believing anything he says. And we can’t help but wonder, how different would things be, had Divya met Sathya first instead of Abhijit.

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Divya would’ve regained her memories

The biggest reason for Divya still living without any memories from her past life is all Abhijit and the Paniker’sdoing. They’ve been giving her medicines to stop her from regaining her memories. Hence, if she would’ve met Sathya, not only would her sister take her to the best hospital, even Sudhi would’ve made sure to get her the best treatment possible.

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Abhijit wouldn’t have a weapon against Sudhi

Lately, all of Abhijit’s plans revolve around Divya and how he would use her to manipulate and weaken Sudhi. If he wouldn’t have met her that unfateful day, he would’ve never had such a lethal weapon against Sudhi.

Abhijit and Divya
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No misunderstandings between Sathya and Sudhi

Abhijit’s planning and Divya being used as his pawn are why Sathya and Sudhi are on the verge of a divorce today. If Sathya was the one bringing Divya back home, Sudhi would’ve had a soft corner for her. Despite the fact that one she gets her memories back, Divya might’ve tried stealing Sudhi from Sathya, the latter would’ve always had an affection towards Sathya.

Sathya and Sudhi
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Satheeshan’s plans would’ve been foiled

In the recent episodes, we saw Satheeshan making plans with the local MLA on taking up Sathya’s locality for redevelopment. He even talked about getting her killed if push comes to shove. An important thing he mentioned is how Sathya and Sudhi both are vulnerable when they are separated. Hence, if there were no misunderstandings caused by Divya, they’d still be together. And Satheeshan’s plans would’ve never been fruitful.

Satheeshan with the politician
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Better equation between Sudhi and Chandradas

Sudhi blames Chandradas for all his misery as he was the one to get Sudhi married to Sathya. The loving father-son duo seems to be going through a rough patch. Sudhi doesn’t just ignore Chandradas’ advice, but he also back-answers him, which Sudhi never did. Even this problem would’ve been solved, had Divya not been manipulated.

Sudhi and Chandradas
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What other changes do you think we’d be able to see if Diva was on the right side?

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