Sathya Enna Penkutty: Here’s why Sudhi’s birthday could be a turning point in Sathya’s life

Sudhi is angry with life and could do with a good surprise. However, Sathya must make sure that nothing provokes him in any manner and spoil the birthday surprise.

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March 12, 2021



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In Sathya Enna Penkutty, Abhijit’s evil plan has been affecting Sathya and Sudhi’s lives for the longest time now. The duo has been left with newer problems to deal with, time after time. From Divya’s return to Sudhi and Sathya’s fallout, things have been going bad and it seems like it could get worse from here. Sudhi’s birthday is coming up and we all know how important a day it is in the duo’s lives. The couple has celebrated previous birthdays together and Sathya’s plan on Sudhi’s last birthday had won her his heart but it seems like the same won’t happen this time around.

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We all know that Sudhi and Sathya are going through a rough patch. Sudhi is angry with life in general and is finding it hard to contain it. Ever since Divya returned to his life, he has been punishing himself without knowing that Divya is merely a pawn in Abhijit’s evil plan to destroy him. Sudhi is currently disappointed with his parents and it shows.

Sudhi in Sathya enna Pnekutty
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Sudhi’s relationship with Chandradas is on a sour note right now and the father-son duo’s exchanges are proof. Sudhi is least interested in his birthday and he made it clear as he lashed out seeing Chandradas’ excitement about it. Sudhi said that he dislikes the day and he has nothing to celebrate about it. But, Sathya seems to have different plans.

Sudhi and Sathya in Sathya Enna Penkutty
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Sathya meets Cleetus and it is his words that inspire her to set up a surprise for Sudhi. Let’s not forget the previous time the duo set up a surprise birthday party and left Sudhi in awe. Sudhi was drawn closer to Sathya thanks to the same and that had made a big impact on both their lives. Although Cleetus thinks about the same being replicated here, it seems unlikely as the currents have now changed. Even though Sathya sets up a surprise, it will be a risk that she takes as chances of him appreciating it is low.

Even if Sathya manages to surprise him and make him happy with a celebration, she will be on thin ice as the slightest reminder of the problems in his life is bound to destroy the moment. Let’s wait and watch what Sathya does next.

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