Sathya Enna Penkutty: Here’s how Sudhi could return the favour to Sathya for ruining Satheeshan’s plan

Sathya’s smart interception saves Sudhi from Satheeshan’s crooked plans. Here are ways we think Sudhi could thank Sathya and return the favour

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December 31, 2020



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On Sathya Enna Penkutty, Sathya always knows the right thing to do, even after a heated argument with Sudhi. Sathya forces Sudhi to read the documents brought by Satheeshan before signing them. Sudhi is extremely thankful to Sathya now for making him read the documents. Now that Satheeshan and Naiju’s plans to cheat Sudhi is ruined, Sathya is on the winning side and we love it. Being a good partner, Sudhi thanks Sathya multiple times and says that if it weren’t for her, he would’ve lost a lot. It is great to watch Sudhi praise Sathya, but it is not enough.

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We all know, what Sathya did is no small thing. She helping Sudhi and hence the company is a big stride. For all that matters, Sathya deserves something great in return and Sudhi owes it to her. Even moments before the incident, the couple were in an argument and it shows that they could do something together that’ll help bring them closer and help understand each other. For all the times Sudhi was tough on Sathya, he could talk to her with a bit of love for starters.

Sathya accompanies Sudhi to the meeting (Credit: ZEE5)

We all know that Sudhi does love Sathya. He cares about her and means no harm. But, it is tough for him to open up to her and share his feelings. That day isn’t long away when he does open up but until then, he could begin by talking with some love to Sathya instead of being tough towards her. Remember the time Sudhi gifted Sathya a new phone? Sathya hadn’t been happier in a long while. Giving another gift is one way Sudhi can thank Sathya now. For such a big help, a good gift might do the job.

When Sudhi gifted Sathya a new phone (Credit: ZEE5)

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Sathya is an extrovert who loves being outside and enjoying people’s company. Another way Sudhi can repay Sathya is by taking her out. The couple could spend some quality time outside and get to know each other more or even have a fancy dinner together, which they rarely ever did. Sudhi could even take Sathya shopping or to see her friends. In his company, she will be happy to do any of these stuffs and these are all quality ways Sudhi can thank Sathya for helping him and his company.

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