Sathya Enna Penkutty: Here’s how Sathya and Sudhi’s probable divorce is affecting people around them

Sathya and Sudhi are getting a divorce as their misunderstandings seems to pile up. Check out how it is affecting the people around them.

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March 26, 2021



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Fans of Sathya Enna Penkutty know that fights are never a new thing between Sathya and Sudhi. The couple has been constantly having fights, small or big, ever since they got married. However, things have never been so rough for the duo as it is now. Tides have changed, and the reasons have become so strong that the duo’s fights are no longer in their control. The couple is on the verge of getting a divorce and seems helpless to do anything about it. Moreover, the problems are stickier than ever; so much that the people around them are stuck too.

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Things have been going from bad to worse for Sathya ever since Divya made a comeback. Manipulated by Abhijit’s wicked plans, Sudhi has forced some problems into their marriage which is now causing the big fallout. Misunderstandings between Sathya and Sudhi are increasing by the day and adding to their existing problems. Although the couple has people like Chandradas, Cleetus, and Kuruvi, working to help them, things seem to have gone out of hand.

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Starting at home, Sudhi’s father Chandradas has been the most supportive of their marriage. Chandradas hates being pretentious and chooses to remain himself in every situation. Thanks to this transparent behaviour, he has been vocal about Sathya and Sudhi’s problems lately. Chandradas’s rich heart hurts for his son and doesn’t want to see him go through a failed marriage for some petty reason. His constant talks and advice are proof that he wants to help the duo but doesn’t know how to.

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Meanwhile, Sathya’s family is just as shattered as Chandradas by the news. Her mother’s reaction is everything we expect from a loving mother. She has stuck with Sathya through thick and thin and was very supportive of her choices. Although Sathya was outcast by many, her mother never left her side. Now that she was beginning to think that Sathya is finally happy with Sudhi, it all comes crumbling down and this is breaking her.

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Even the duo’s friends are destroyed by the news. Cleetus and Kuruvi are Sudhi and Sathya’s longest-serving friends and the news has completely broken them. Being the good friends they are, the duo is doing everything in their hands to help the couple resolve their misunderstandings. We even saw Cleetus and Kuruvi teaming up to have a talk and try to understand the issues between the couple. The effort these two are putting in to help their respective best friends are proof that everyone around them is willing to go the extra mile to help Sudhi and Sathya save their marriage.

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Right now, the biggest issue prevailing between the duo is Sudhi’s blatant accusations of Sathya without any reasoning. Sudhi’s actions are completely in terms of the manipulative plan Abhijit has set up for him and it is high time someone knocks some sense into him. Although the caring people around him want him to resolve the misunderstandings and retract the divorce, Sudhi must really understand things by himself and do it on his own. The reactions of the people around the couple going through the divorce is apt and it is saddening to watch them remain helpless in such a crucial situation.

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