Sathya Enna Penkutty: Finding out Divya’s whereabouts should be Sathya’s first priority now

Sathya finding out Divya and convincing her seems like the only solution to all of Sathya’s problems. Here’s why.

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February 25, 2021


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Sathya has always been an outcast, even in her own family. She lived her life in her father’s garage and never even got the love of her own sister. While we all saw how strained Divya and Sathya’s relationship has been on Sathya Enna Penkutty, it’s also evident that Sathya would go to any lengths for her sister. Sathya was supportive of Divya and Sudhi’s marriage even at the cost of her own happiness. But now Sathya is at the mercy of Abhijit, while he is plotting devious plans against her and Sudhi.

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Sathya has faced many hurdles and has only come out of them stronger. She’s never been one to get dejected when something bad happened. Instead, she fought it with all her might. But in the recent episodes, we saw a completely different Sathya. She wouldn’t eat, she couldn’t sleep, she looked utterly heartbroken, and all she could think about was Sudhi’s behaviour and Radhika’s statement about Divya and Sudhi. Now since Divya’s disappearance is the root cause of all the problems surrounding Sathya at the moment, we believe that Sathya finding her whereabouts could be a start to solving them all.

Since Divya doesn’t have any memories of the past, Abhijit has been manipulating her and using her as a pawn in his game plan. In recent episodes, we also observed how Divya is starting to get suspicious of Abhijit and his intentions. It is pretty evident from her repeatedly questioning Jenny and Abhijit about her past combined with the suspicious looks she gives them. And it might just be the right time for Sathya to go out there and find Divya, because at this point, due to her suspicions and confusion, she might at least give it a thought if Sathya comes to her with the truth.

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The only way for Sudhi to start trusting Sathya again is if he knows that Abhijit is behind all this. At the moment, for Sudhi, it’s Divya’s word above everyone else’s. He is so disoriented with everything that’s happening around him, that he wouldn’t trust Sathya’s words even if a part of him wants to believe her. If Sathya finds Divya and convinces her of the truth, then maybe she can ask Divya to tell Sudhi the whole truth about her losing her memories and doing everything on Abhijit’s instructions.

Though it seems like a long shot, this probably seems like the only way Sathya can get out of this mess.

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