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Sathya Enna Penkutty: Abhijit proved yet again that he is a master of manipulative skills

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April 8, 2021

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Abhijit is slowly yet steadily taking steps to destroy Manimangalam. Here’s how his highly manipulative mind is helping him achieve the impossible.

In the latest episode of Sathya Enna Penkutty, we saw Abhijit really set out with his plans to destroy Manimangalam. He even seems positive about winning this time around as there are near to no obstacles in his path at the point. Even though he has tried to achieve the same feet multiple times in the past, he failed miserably, thanks to timely interventions from Sudhi or Sathya. Now, with neither of them around at Manimangalam, things really seem to be in Abijit’s control.

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Abhijit’s big win came recently as he managed to separate Sathya and Sudhi from one another. Playing with Divya, his most powerful pawn, he managed to build on the little problems the couple had in their lives and finally landed them on the path of divorce. Things went downhill quickly for the couple as Divya, controlled by Abhijit’s manipulative words walked back into Sudhi’s life. Without realising the fact that he is walking right into a trap, Sudhi lost control over himself and ended up causing problems with Sathya. Now that the couple is separated and out of the picture, Abhijit is on a straight path to victory.

Abhijit with chandradas
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In a recent episode, we saw Abhijit visit Chandradas and have a dialogue with him. Although he spoke with respect, his intentions seemed cruel. He informed Chandradas that he doesn’t mean harm but went on to explain how Sathya was causing them trouble. Injecting some more of his manipulative words into Chandradas, he managed to bring him to a vulnerable position by telling him about Divya and Sudhi’s situation.

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Manipulating an innocent person like Chandradas is easy, but doing the same to a wicked one is hard. This is where Abhijit really proved that he is a master of the game as we saw him have a conversation with Satheeshan and manage to leave him speechless. Although Satheeshan is someone with wicked thoughts of his own, he seemed clueless in front of Abhijit when he confronted him about seizing Manimangalam builders’ business. Abhijit successfully manages to get into his head and bring him on board to everything he wants done, word by word.

Abhijith with satheeshan
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These instances proved that Abhijit is on a roll and there is nothing to stop him now. Unlike earlier times, his eyes look set on the prize and his manipulative skills improving by the day is something everyone needs to be scared about. At this point, there is nothing he can’t get done with his impactful and cunning words.

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