Sathya Enna Penkutty: 5 times Sudhi proved to be an ideal partner to Sathya

From giving gifts to supporting the partner in tough times, here are five times Sathya Enna Penkutty’s Sudhi proved to be an ideal partner to Sathya.

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December 29, 2020



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Sudhi and Sathya are without a doubt a great couple. The duo has given us some of the best moments in Sathya Enna Penkutty. Starting from their love-hate relationship to quirky little dialogue exchanges, Sudhi and Sathya have always left us in awe. However, it’s not all fun and games as the people around them keep affecting the couple’s life and not in a positive way. It is at these uncertain times that the real emotions come through and we are often left surprised by the flawless chemistry of the duo. While strong and loving emotions come naturally to Sathya, it is Sudhi, who often has to work his way up to his partner. Sudhi is often left in doubtful scenarios where he is forced to pick sides or take quick decisions and it is absolutely rewarding to watch him pick Sathya over anything else. Here are five such times Sudhi proved to be an ideal partner to Sathya.

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1. Sudhi Stands up for Sathya

Sudhi and sathya
Sudhi supports Sathya in award function (Credit: ZEE5)

Sathya attends the award function with Sudhi and it does not go well. After Aravind humiliates Sathya and her lack of education at the function, Sathya herself replies for all the hate. Aravind also makes a statement that Sudhi is ashamed of Sathya and that affects her. On the drive back home, Sathya asks Sudhi about the same and it turns out as one of the best moments of the couple. Sudhi tells Sathya that he is proud of her and the only reason he hadn’t told her about the function earlier, is because he didn’t want her facing any embarrassment there.

2. Sudhi Gifts Sathya a new Phone

Sudhi gifts sathya
Sudhi gifts Sathya a new phone (Credit: ZEE5)

Sathya welcomes Sudhi back from an official trip. She plays around a bit as Sudhi is reluctant to talk to her. Sathya complains to Sudhi that he didn’t even bring chocolates for her from the trip and Sudhi tells her that he wasn’t roaming around for that. However, a few minutes later, Sudhi brings a new phone and gifts it to Sathya reminding her that he did notice her phone having issues and remembered to get her a new one.

3. Accompanies Sathya to Meet her Friends

Sudhi and Sathya at the workshop with Sathya’s friends (Credit: Zee5)

Sathya goes to meet her friends and Sudhi drives her there. It is in moments like these we understand that a couple should accompany each other to places without thinking about their own social status. Sudhi is slightly uncomfortable being at a motorcycle garage but is okay being with Sathya there. The couple meets Sathya’s friends and drives back from there while her friends think aloud about how Sudhi can never hurt Sathya’s feelings.

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4. Sudhi Takes Sathya to Meet Guests

Sathya meets Sudhi’s professor (Credit: ZEE5)

Everyone at home is shocked as Sudhi’s college professor and his wife come to meet the newlyweds. While everyone thinks of ways to to make Sathya avoid meeting the guests thinking she’ll embarrass Sudhi in front of them, Sudhi talks to Sathya and takes her to meet them. Even though Sudhi is impatient with Sathya, he decides it’s okay for her to meet the guests instead of simply lying to them about her being unavailable there.

5. Sudhi Fights with his sister for Sathya

Sudhi tells sister that they can’t remove the photo of Sathya’s father (Credit: ZEE5)

Sudhi’s mother and sister are agitated after finding out that Sathya hanged her late father’s photo in their bedroom. While his mother tries explaining to Sudhi that hanging a late person’s photo in a bedroom is considered a bad omen, his sister is adamant that it must be removed. However, Sudhi stops them and tells them that Sathya hung it due to her love for her father and the photo will remain there. He talks to Sathya regarding the same but never asks her to remove it. Sudhi engaging in a dialogue with his sister for Sathya is reassuring of his care for the partner.

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