Sathya: Anitha’s Incessant Taunts For Sathya Need To Stop, Here’s Why!

Anitha pounces on the chance to taunt Sathya yet again, but here’s why we think she should lay off of her!

Bhavna Gandikota

March 12, 2021


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Very little has changed since Sathya has returned from the hospital. While there are people like Indumathi and Sasi, who have been with her through thick and thin, she also has to deal with people like Veerasingham and Anitha, who never let go of a chance to taunt her. Anitha grabs every opportunity she can to remind Sathya of the bad things in her life. Sathya’s return from the hospital meant nothing to them, just like we expected.

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Sathya is just back from the hospital 

We think they should lay off Sathya at least for a few days because she has just come back from the hospital. She is in fact still recovering from the accident that she had suffered through. They might hate Sathya but, she is family after all, and we are sure that they can be human enough to not mess with her, at least for a few days.

Sathya will have her day too

Sathya might not be her best self and take the taunts now. However, we all know Sathya as someone who will not let go of any opportunity to put people in their place. She might not have a befitting reply to their taunts now, but we know that Sathya will have her day too. It will be double the embarrassment for Veerasingham and Anitha that day.

Anitha and Veerasingham in Sathya
Source: ZEE5

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Anitha should mend her relationships 

Now that Sathya is back from the hospital, it is a wonderful opportunity for Anitha to mend her relationships with Sathya and start a new chapter. Sathya and Anitha can both put the past behind them and be each other’s support system. We are sure you would agree that having Sathya on one’s team is only advantageous.

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