Sathya 7 April 2021 Written Update: Saravana cooks up a story about Selvi

To know what happens next on Sathya, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

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April 7, 2021



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In the previous episode of SathyaSathya rushes to the hospital to meet Selvi. Selvi’s mother requests Sathya to not scold Selvi. Upon meeting Selvi, Sathya earns about Saravana’s deception. A furious Sathya reaches home and thrashes Saravana using a whip.

Watch what will happen next on Sathya:

In the latest episode of Sathya, Sathya tells the family how Saravana tricked Selvi into marrying him and ruined her life. But Saravana denies the allegations. Sadashivam too supports Saravana and announces that he and his family will move out of the house if Sathya’s atrocities continue. Sathya promises that she will prove Saravana’s deeds.

Indhumathi phones Prabhu and asks him to rush home. When Prabhu reaches home, Indhumathi tells him about Selvi’s claims. They question Sathya about the recent events. Sathya tells Prabhu that she was aware that Saravana was eyeing at Selvi. When Sathya leaves the room, Indhumathi tells Prabhu that Sadashivam told her about leaving the house, if Sathya doesn’t mend her ways.

Prabhu questions Saravana, but the latter gets emotional and puts the blame on Sathya. He tells Prabhu that he really loved Selvi. But he later learnt that Selvi was eyeing at the family’s wealth and was not really in love with him. Prabhu listens to Saravana and goes back to the room to talk to Sathya.

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