Sathya 30 June Written Update: Sathya thrashes a few policemen

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June 29, 2021


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In the previous episode of Sathya, Sulochana tries to inform Prabhu about Sathya’s whereabouts but fails each time. The inspector warns Sulochana as she tries to help Sathya. The family panics as Indhumathi faints as she hearsa about Sathya’s missing. Later, when Dhana phone the inspector, the latter assures to hep him.

In this episode of Sathya, the inspector tries to frame a father-son duo. When the son opposes, the inspector thrashes them. The head of the retailer’s association reaches the police station to their rescue. When the inspector threatens them, they decide to bring a lawyer. A few policemen thrash the innocent father-son duo as instructed by the inspector.

Sulochana sprinkles water on Sathya and the latter comes back to her senses. Sathya hears the cries of the father-son duo as they get thrashed by the policemen in the cell next to Sathya’s. Sulochana informs Sathya how the inspector is trying to frame them for not giving him a free phone. Sulochana further tells Sathya that the inspector had hid the truth from Prabhu when he had come to the police station to file a missing complaint. Sathya shares Prabhu’s phone number with Sulochana, who decides to inform Prabhu about Sathya’s plight.

Unable to bear the cries of the father-son duo, Sathya goes out of the cell. Sulochana informs Prabhu about Sathya being in trouble. Sathya rushes to rescue the men who are being thrashed and fights the policemen.

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