Sathya 29 June Written Update: The inspector decides to frame Sathya

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June 28, 2021


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In the previous episode of Sathya, Prabhu informs Sashi that Sathya is missing. Prabhu visits the police station and files a missing complaint. He shows Sathya’s picture to the inspector. Prabhu fails to notice Sathya in the police custody.

In this episode of Sathya, Sulochana drops her file to signal at Prabhu without the inspector seeing her, but she fails. As Prabhu is about to leave, he stops beside the prison, where Sathya is held captive. Sashi questions him and Prabhu tells him that he senses something but is unable to explain. On noticing Prabhu, the inspector gets scared and asks him to leave. Prabhu fails to see Sathya. Sulochana follows Prabhu outside the police station but soon notices that the inspector is standing right behind her. Sulochana fails to inform Prabhu about Sathya’s whereabouts.

As Prabhu and Sashi travel home, they discuss Sathya. Soon, Prabhu receives a call from Indhumathi. He informs Indhumathi about Sathya’s missing. After she disconnects the call, a worried Indhumathi faints and collapses on the ground. 

Sulochana decides to call Prabhu and inform him about Sathya’s plight. She searches for Prabhu’s phone number in the records, but the inspector intervenes and warns her. The inspectors tears the complaint letter written by Prabhu.

The doctor examines Indhumathi and asks her to rest. At the police station, the inspector receives a call from Dhana. The inspector informs Dhana how he is planning to frame Sathya.


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