Sathya 25 October 2020 Spoiler: Sathya Gets Mocked At The Temple

Sathya gets mocked by her neighbours for her personality. Read the full update.

Nikhil Pandey

October 23, 2020



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In Sathya’s previous episode, Soumya misses being a part of her parents- Sadashivam and Nirmala’s wedding anniversary. Sadashivam, who is not on talking terms with Soumya, insults her and banishes her from his anniversary celebrations. Indhumathi tries her best to convince Sadashivam, but she fails miserably. On the other hand, Saravana plays a prank with Sadashivam. His prank creates chaos. Meanwhile, Sathya decides on persuading Prabhu to start their married life on Soumya’s insistence. She gifts Prabhu a picture of a small child to brew up their romance. However, a naive Prabhu misunderstands Sathya’s present. Prabhu’s naivety disheartens Sathya, who goes into her shell.

Missed out on the spoiler for the latest episode of the Tamil serial Sathya?

In this promo, Sathya gets mocked by her neighbours for her tomboyish personality when she visits a temple. The neighbours also question Sathya about her married life. They enquire about her relationship with Prabhu.

The neighbours’ remarks make Sathya sad, and she becomes speechless. Prabhu, who accompanied Sathya to the temple, gets saddened at Sathya’s plight. Will Prabhu raise his voice against neighbours for Sathya? To know what happens next, you can watch Sathya episodes before TV by subscribing to the ZEE5 Club Pack.

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