Sathya 24 October 2020 Spoiler: Sathya plans a surprise for Prabhu

Prabhu is impressed with Sathya’s surprise. However, he completely misunderstands Sathya’s intentions.

Nikhil Pandey

October 22, 2020


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In Sathya’s previous episode, Soumya advises Sathya to get physically close to Prabhu and start their married life. On Soumya’s insistence, Sathya takes the first step towards developing her chemistry with Prabhu. She puts her arms across Prabhu during a discussion. Sathya’s antics take Prabhu by surprise.

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Meanwhile, Prabhu decides to fire Kullabudham. He calls Kullabudham to his house and asks for his resignation. Kullabudham refuses to resign. He pleads to Prabhu to not fire him. Upon much insistence, Prabhu agrees, but he puts forth a condition that Kullabudham will not deceit him as he did during Soumya’s marriage. Kullabudham agrees and promises to stand by Prabhu. However, as a punishment, Prabhu demotes Kullabudham.

In the promo, a new business idea strikes Prabhu after looking at Sathya’s surprise. Sathya hangs a picture of a baby in her room as a surprise for Prabhu to make him realise that its time to take their relationship further. However, Prabhu misunderstands Sathya. Prabhu, who had been rattling his brain for an idea for his new project, thanks Sathya after a new business idea. To know what happens next, you can watch Sathya episodes before TV by subscribing to the ZEE5 Club Pack.

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