Sathya 23 August Written Update: The family decide to organise Saumya’s baby shower

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August 24, 2021



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In the previous episode of Sathya, Sathya introduces Ranjith to Janaki and reassures Janaki as she shares her fear with her. Ranjith decides to distribute free clothes to the people in Sathya’s neighbourhood, but his plan fails.

In this episode of Sathya, Sathya overhears Indumathi telling Nirmala that she delayed Saumya’s baby shower as she did not want Sathya to get upset. A furious Satya questions Indhumathi about the same. As Indhumathi tries to justify herself, Sathya storms out of the kitchen. Later, Divya reprimands Ranjith for failing to impress the people of Majali kuppam.

When Ranjith meets Sathya, he tells her about Divya’s hatred for her. However, Sathya assures him that Divya cares for her. The priest decides on an auspicious day to perform the baby shower function for Saumya. Sadashivam disagrees with Kathir’s mother, who wishes to host the function at her house. Anitha also disparages Janaki’s neighborhood. Sathya intervenes and decides that the function will be held at an auditorium. Kathir’s mother looks at him sadly as she leaves the house.
Nirmala decides to go jewellery shopping for the function. The family waits for Sathya to join them, but Sathya refuses to accompany them. Kathir too doesn’t invite Sathya. Indhumathi takes Sathya shopping for jewellery forcibly. Sathya sits idle in the corner of the jewellery shop while all the women shop for the ornaments. Prabhu encourages Sathya to buy jewellery. Sathya chooses a platinum ring for herself. She is shocked to discover that the ring is more expensive than a gold ring.

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