Sathya 23 October 2020 Spoiler: Is Sathya Falling For Prabhu?

Sathya ponders on Soumya’s advice and takes her first step towards developing her chemistry with Prabhu. Read the full update here.

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October 22, 2020


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In the previous episode, Sathya overhears Soumya and Kavitha discussing little, quirky things about their partners. Sathya barges in to listen to Soumya and Kavitha’s conversation. During her discussion with Soumya, Kavitha reveals that doing one’s partner’s little chores makes the bond stronger. Sathya ponders on Soumya and Kavitha’s discussion and decides to do something special for Prabhu. She washes Prabhu’s clothes to make him feel special. Prabhu, on the other hand, gets angry when he finds all his clothes missing.

Missed out on the spoiler for the latest episode of the Tamil serial Sathya?

An angry Prabhu bursts out at Sathya when he finds out that she took all his clothes for cleaning. He asks Sathya to stop interfering his life ‘like a wife’. Prabhu also reminds her that they are nothing more than friends. Sadly, Soumya and Kathir secretly overhear Sathya and Prabhu’s chat. Later, Soumya confronts Sathya about the same.

In the promo, Prabhu’s anger seems to have settled. He asks Sathya to stop doing household chores. He, funnily also calls Sathya ‘Rowdy Baby’, and asks her to be true to her personality. Meanwhile, Sathya recalls Soumya’s advice and tries to get close to Prabhu. She wraps her hand around Prabhu, which seems to take him by surprise. Is Sathya falling in love with Prabhu? To know what happens next, you can watch Sathya episodes before TV by subscribing to the ZEE5 Club Pack.

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