Sathya 23 November 2020 Written Update: A scared Prabhu embraces Sathya

Prabhu is scared to burst crackers. To know what happens next on Sathya, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 Club before TV!

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November 24, 2020



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In the previous episode of Sathya, Prabhu and Sashi go to the training centre to learn boxing. Sathya is shocked on seeing a bruise on Prabhu’s hand and confronts him. Later, Sathya and Prabhu buy clothes for their friends on the occasion of Diwali.

Watch what will happen next on Sathya:

In the latest episode of Sathya, Sathya and Saumya apply oil to Kathir and Prabhu on the morning of Diwali. Prabhu complains as he gets irritated with the oil in his eyes. Later, the two couples watch as Janaki offers prayers on the occasion of Diwali.

At Prabhu’s house, Indhumathi is surprised as Sadashivam leaves for work on Diwali. Indhumathi and Nirmala respectively decide to meet Sathya and Saumya secretly. As Indhumathi turns to inform Nirmala that she is going to the temple, Nirmala makes the same excuse. Left with no choice, Indhumathi makes a different excuse and tells Anita that she will visit the astrologer.

Elsewhere, Sathya insists that Prabhu must burst crackers, but Prabhu hesitates as he is scared of the same. When Sathya mocks him, Prabhu takes it as a challenge and steps out of the house to burst crackers. Kathir and Saumya are busy bursting the crackers when Prabhu boasts how easy it is to burst crackers. Prabhu finally manages to light a firecracker, but ends up embracing Sathya as the sound terrifies him.

Sarvana asks Anita for Selvi, but learns that she is on leave due to Diwali. He phones Selvi and asks her to come home. But she informs Sarvana that Sathya has invited her home. Sarvana cuts the call after telling her that she doesn’t care for him. Will Selvi oblige to Sarvana’s request? Stream Sathya premiere episodes before TV only with ZEE5 Club Pack! Avail exclusive films, ZEE5 Originals, and series at just Re 1 per day!

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