Sathya 23 June Written Update: Janaki accepts Divya

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June 22, 2021


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In the previous episode of Sathya, Sashi and Selvi hide the reason for shifting to a new house from Prabhu and Sathya. Furthermore, Sathya humiliates Anita and Veerasingham on learning a truth from Vasanthi. Prabhu tries to find out the truth about the gift from Sathya.


In this episode of Sathya, Janaki refuses to accept Divya into the house. She blames Divya for bringing shame to the family. Paatti supports Janaki. Sathya tells them how Divya was abducted and met with an accident on the wedding day. She further tells them how she took Divya to Prabhu’s house. When Sathya decides to leave, Janaki announces that she has accepted Divya. Sathya later decides to take Divya back with her to Prabhu’s house.

A man comes to Sathya’s garage on a bike. He soon receives a call informing about the checking at the police checkpost. The man gets worried about the drugs in the storage of his bike. He leaves the bike in Sathya’s garage and leaves with his friend, in a car.

Divya watches as Veerasingham and Anitha instruct Shanthi to cook meat. But Shanthi tells them that it was Sathya, who instructed her to cook vegetarian food. Indhumathi tells Divya that Sathya puts a garland around her father’s picture. She makes a flower garland and asks Divya to out it around her father’s picture. But Divya goes to Sathya’s room and puts the garland on Sathya and Prabhu’s wedding picture. What is Divya planning?

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