Sathya 22 October 2020 Written Update: Prabhu shouts at Sathya

Prabhu is angry with Sathya. How will Sathya and Prabhu mend their differences? Read the full update to find out!

Nikhil Pandey

October 21, 2020


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In the previous episode of Sathya, Sadashivam insults Kathir’s family and friends. He passes derogatory remarks about Kathir, which makes his mother emotional. She breaks down in front of the whole family. Sadashivam’s remarks make Kathir angry, but he remains calm on Sathya’s insistence. Meanwhile, Indhumathi apologises to Kathir’s mother on behalf of Sadashivam. She also reveals that initially, she hated Sathya, however, with time, things got better.

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In this episode, Sathya overhears Soumya and Kavita’s conversation, where the latter advises the former on how doing her partner’s little chores makes their bond stronger. Sathya ponders on Kavitha’s advice to Soumya and later decides to wash Prabhu’s clothes. Prabhu, on the other hand, gets angry when he finds all his clothes missing.

Prabhu is shocked when he sees Sathya washing his clothes. He asks Sathya the reason for washing his clothes. Sathya, in all zest, replies that she wants her relationship with Prabhu to get stronger, because of which she decided to wash his clothes. An infuriated Prabhu reminds her that they both are nothing more than friends, and asks her to stop acting like his partner.

Meanwhile, Soumya and Kathir secretly listen to Sathya and Prabhu’s conversation. Soumya decides to talk to Sathya about the same. Sathya, when confronted by Soumya, denies that she and Prabhu are yet to consummate their marriage. She fumbles and avoids a confrontation with Soumya. Will Sathya accept the truth about her relationship with Prabhu? To know what happens next, you can watch Sathya episodes before TV by subscribing to the ZEE5 Club Pack.

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