Sathya 21 July Written Update: Sathya is pregnant

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July 21, 2021



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In the previous episode of Sathya, Janaki reveals the truth about Sathya’s father. Sathya expresses her desire to Prabhu. She later informs Prabhu about the halwa prepared by Divya. 

In this episode of SathyaPrabhu stops everyone from eating the halwa prepared by Divya. But Sathya insists on eating it. As soon as Sathya eats the halwa, Sathya starts vomiting.  The doctor comes home and examines Sathya. She announces that Sathya is pregnant. Prabhu jumps with joy when the doctor announces the news to Prabhu. Divya gets jealous as a happy Prabhu hugs Sathya before the family members.

Prabhu decides to calls her. Janaki, who is busy offering prayer at the temple, answers the call. Prabhu shies from sharing the news with Janaki and hands over the phone to Sathya. Janaki is elated as she hears the news about Sathya’s pregnancy. She removes her gold bangles and drops them in the offering box at the temple.

Sathya warns Prabhu that he must not tell her friends about it, unaware that Prabhu has already done that. The people in Janaki’s neighbourhood shut their shops on hearing the news about Sathya’s pregnancy. They reach outside Prabhu’s house with gifts for Sathya. 

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