Sathya 18 February 2021 Written Update: Is Sathya’s life in danger?

To know what happens next on Sathya, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV.

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February 18, 2021



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In the previous episode of Sathya, a heartbroken Prabhu sits beside Sathya’s bed praying for her to recover soon. The security guard has a difficult time managing the crowd who wait to meet Sathya. Prabhu loses his cool on seeing Kuberan and Maggie at the hospital. Saravana takes advantage of no one being at home and calls Selvi to his room. The family is surprised to see a huge crowd outside the hospital waiting to see Sathya.

Watch what will happen next on Sathya:

In the latest episode of Sathya, as Anitha and Sathya’s haters relish a scrumptious ‘Biryani’, Indhumathi walks into the house crying. She look at Sadashivam and the rest of them eating to their heart’s content and berates them. She reminds them about the help Sathya had done to them in the past. Anitha feels guilty, but Veerasingham encourages everyone to continue eating the meal.

Sadshivam, Anitha and Veerasingham reach the hospital and ask Prabhu to eat something as he has to take care of Sathya. Prabhu refuses but obliges as Sadashivam insists. When Prabhu leaves, the trio enter Sathya’s room. Sadashivam tells how Sathya had troubled them in the past. The trio decide to kill Sathya and accordingly remove the oxygen mask from her face. As Sathya becomes breathless, Sadashivam grabd her legs and Anitha smothers Sathya to death. Indhumathi wakes up startled and realises that she has had a nightmare. She goes to the puja room and prays for Sathya’s recovery.

At the hospital, Prabhu cannot stop thinking about the time he had spent with Sathya in the past. Sathya’s well-wishers too wait outside the hospital. Latha refuses to get married if Sathya fails to give her the ‘thali’. As Sashi waits outside the ICU, a man dressed as a doctor enters Sathya’s room. He sends Prabhu out of the room and takes off the oxygen mask from Sathya’s face. Prabhu, who is waiting outside Sathya’s room hears a breathless Sathya calling out to him. He enters the room and sees the oxygen mask removed from Sathya’s face. Prabhu learns that the man standing besides him is not a doctor and tries to manhandle him, but the man escapes.  Sashi and Prabhu chase the man but fail to catch him. Prabhu realises that someone is trying to kill Sathya.

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