Sathya 18 August 2020 Written Update: Chitappa lashes out at Prabhu

In this episode of Sathya, Chitappa is very upset with Prabhu for cancelling a confirmed deal. He decides to reprimand him.


August 17, 2020


4 min


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Missed out on the spoiler for the latest episode of the Tamil serial Sathya?

In the previous episode of Sathya, Sathya and Prabhu live in the village where the factory is supposed to be built. They stay at Rasathi’s place and help them out with some family function as well. During their stay, Sathya learns that the factory deal would be bad for the villagers as they would have to evacuate. She intervenes and cancels the deal. Prabhu finds out later and is upset with her because she took matters in her own hands. However, he decides to handle the situation once they return to the city.

In this episode, Sasi gives all the employees a good hearing as they are slacking off and gossiping in the office. Accidentally, he also insults Chitappa but as soon as he realises this, he starts to apologise to him. Chitappa asks Sasi about Prabhu’s whereabouts as they are also late for work. At home, Sathya greets her mother-in-law but Anita and her husband try to act mean with her. This doesn’t affect Sathya as she starts to sing a song. Meanwhile, back in the office, some of the investors of the project get curious to know why Prabhu changed his mind on the project.

The investors threaten to take actions against Prabhu and the company for the losses that have been incurred because of the project rejection. Chitappa is curious to know what has brought about such a change and wonders where Prabhu is. He is at home when Sasi gives him a call. Turns out Chitappa has already reprimanded Sasi to know more about Prabhu and why he has taken such faulty business decisions that would jeopardise the company’s standing and lead them to losses.

Sasi gives Prabhu a call and describes everything that has happened. Prabhu freaks out a little as he doesn’t know how to handle the situation. He is worried that Sathya might intervene or might find out about what he has done. Hence, he decides to keep the truth from her. He asks her to chill with her mother for some time while he handles the situation at the office. Sathya goes to visit her mother and her friends. What will happen next on Sathya? Watch Sathya episodes before tv.

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