Sathya 17 June Written Update: Sashi and Selvi move into their new house

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June 17, 2021


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In the previous episode of Sathya, Divya tells everything to Sathya when the latter finds her. Prabhu stops Anita from berating Divya when Sathya brings her home. Divya warns Veerasingham and Anita as they instigate her against Sathya.

In this episode of Sathya, Indhumathi tells Prabhu that she is worried about his future with Sathya as Divya is back into their lives. But Prabhu assures Indhumathi that he only loves Sathya and that he will never go back to Divya. He further assures Indhumathi that Divya too wishes for his and Sathya’s betterment.

At Sashi and Selvi’s new house, Sathya’s friend attend the house warming ceremony. When the boiling milk falls on the stove, Sathya’s friends shout, ‘Pongalo Pongal’. Sashi scoffs on hearing this. Selvi offers the boiled milk to Sathya’s friends, while Sashi gives them sweets. Soon, Sashi receives a call from his friend, Gaja informing him that Sujatha, Sashi’s mother, is unwell. Sashi asks Selvi to leave with him at once. When Sashi and Selvi reach Sashi’s house, Sujatha humiliates the couple.


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