Sathya 15 June Written Update: Sathya decides to look for Divya

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June 15, 2021


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In the previous episode of Sathya, Anita humiliates Sashi and Selvi. Prabhu is surprised to see Divya but Vinod ridicules him. Vinod is shocked when Divya lashes out at him and warns him to stay away from Sathya.


In this episode of Sathya, Selvi talks to an upset Sashi, who tells Selvi that they must shift to their rented house. Janaki is happy to see Divya, but suddenly she recollects the incidents from her wedding day. A furious Janaki rebukes Divya and refuses to accept her as her daughter. She asks Divya to leave the house. Divya cries on hearing Janaki’s words and leaves from the house.

Prabhu reaches home and hesitantly tells Sathya about his encounter with Divya. Delighted on hearing the news, Sathya calls Janaki and informs her about it. But to Sathya’s dismay, Janaki rebukes Sathya when she talks about bringing Divya home. She further tells Sathya that she had sent Divya out of the house. Sathya becomes upset and disconnects the call. Sathya decides to look for Divya, but Prabhu stops her as it is late in the night.

The next morning, as Sathya decides to search for Divya, Sashi announces his decision to leave the house. Sathya agrees, but Prabhu asks him to stay back. Sashi refuses to listen to Prabhu. Indhumathi blesses Sashi and Selvi as they decide to start a new life. Meanwhile, Sathya goes in search of Divya. She find Divya on the road and approaches her, but soon sees a truck nearing Divya.


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