Sathya 10 June Written Update: Veerasingham mocks a helpless Saravana

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June 10, 2021



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In the previous episode of Sathya, the family is shocked to see an injured Saravana. Sathya warns Saravana and summons a doctor. Saravana feels helpless as he is unable to tell his woes to the doctor.

In this episode of Sathya, Veerasingham goes to Saravana’s room and looks for the liquor bottle. He pours a peg for himself while Saravana watches helplessly. He mocks Saravana for his condition. A drunk Veerasingham asks Saravana if Sathya was responsible for his condition. Saravana nods his head in approval. But to his surprise, Veerasingham tells him that he will not reveal the truth to the family members. As Veerasingham gets up to leave, Saravana calls out to him. Veerasingham is shocked as Saravana talks to him. He hits a water jug on Saravana’s face and the latter’s mouth twists one again. Saravana falls from the wheelchair.

The next morning, the doctor examines Saravana. When Nirmala tries to tell the doctor that there has been no improvement in Saravana’s condition, the doctor tells her that it will take him a year’s time to recover. The doctor introduces the family to a nurse, who would help Saravana with physiotherapy. Veerasigham watches as the nurse helps Saravana stretch his legs.

Shashi playfully chases Selvi and the latter tries to run away from her. She spots Saravana looking at them.

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