Sathya 1 September 2021 Written Update: Sathya, with help from the engineer, succeeds at the meeting

But Sadashivam tries his best to put down Sathya in front of others.

In the previous episode of Sathya, Sadashivam bribes the engineer to stop him from helping Sathya. Later, Sathya threatens the engineer when he refuses to help. As planned by Makkan, the engineer slaps Sadashivam.

In the next episode of Sathya, when Sadashivam questions the engineer, he slaps Sadashivam on being instigated by Makkan. Sathya walks up to the engineer and takes him to the meeting room. The engineer, scared for his life, as Sathya threatens of placing a bomb in his body, delivers the presentation. After he steps out of the meeting room,  Makkan and Panamandai mock him and tease him that it wasn’t a real bomb. He informs the same to Sadashivam and gets slapped. The officers in the meeting room tell Sathya that they must discuss the quotation the next day.

Sathya reaches home, but Indhumathi stops her at the door. She walks into the house and comes out with ‘aarti’. Indhumathi congratulates Sathya on her victory at the presentation. Sadashivam tells Indhumathi that Sathya had threatened the engineer to make the presentation. Sathya, compelled, to tell the truth, reveals to Indhumathi how Sadashivam bribed the engineer to not help her. Prahu too reveals that Sadashivam had made him promise not to help Sathya.

The next day while at the site, Sathya and her friends spot a drunk Ramalingam. Sathya recollects the time Ramalingam was a diligent worker at the sight. Ramalingam in an inebriated state asks a c-worker for money to buy liquor. Sathya tells her friend that she wants to take Ramalingam to the meeting.

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