Sathya – Mahasangam 09 January 2021 Written Update: Sadashivam’s plan to spoil Sathya and Prabhu’s wedding anniversary celebrations

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January 8, 2021



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In the previous episode of Sathya, on learning that the family members have gone out of the house, Sathya takes a whip and lashes at Anitha and Veerasingham. When Sadashivam warns her that he will complain about it to Prabhu and Indhumathi, Sathya shows a video to the trio. The door bell rings and Sathya forcefully places the whip in Anith’s hands. She lies to Prabhu that Anitha had decided to hit herself with the whip.


Watch what will happen next on Sathya:

In the latest episode of Sathya – Mahasangamam, Indhumathi assembles the family members and announces that they must have a grand celebration for Sathya and Prabhu’s wedding anniversary. But Sadashivam intervenes and tells her that it is going to be a bad idea. Veerasingham stops Anitha as she tries to argue with Indhumathi. Sashi suggests that they invtre actress Nayanthara, while Saumya suggest they invite KS Chitra. But Prabhu and Sathya tell them that they will invite the special chief guest and it will be a secret.


Anitha fumes on hearing about Sathya and Prabhu’s anniversary celebrations. Sadashivam consoles Anitha and tells her that Sathya and Prabhu will not attend the party. Later, Shashi enters Sathya and Prabhu’s room and quizzes them about the chief guest. He learns that they are planning to invite Iniyan and Rasathi to the party. But Sashi tells them that they wont recognise Sathya and Prabhu’s voice if the couple calls them. To prove Shashi wrong, Sathya calls Iniyan. But Iniyan fails to recognise Sathya’s voice. Later, Iniyan tells Sathya that he was only playing a prank. Prabhu calls Rasathi and invites Iniyan and Rasathi to their wedding anniversary celebrations.


Prabhu, Indhumathi and Sathya decide to invite Jananki and Paatti to the party and go to the temple for the same. Indhumathi asks Janaki to bring people from their neighborhood to the party. Janaki hesitates as she fears that Anitha may insult them. But Indhumathi assures her that there will be no problem. Later, Sathya asks her friends to suggest a gift for Prabhu. Kathir tells Sathya that she must gift Prabhu something that is close to her heart. Elsewhere, Prabhu too asks Shashi to suggest him a gift for Sathya.


Sathya walks into the room, when Prabhu is fast asleep. Prabhu wakes up as Sathya touches his feet. Sathya is startled as Prabhu kisses her hand. Sathya later wakes up from the sleep and realises that it was a dream. Janaki and Paatti reach the temple and asks the priest to offer prayers for Sathya and Prabhu. The priest tells them about a similar request from Indhumathi, who is busy praying for a grandchild. Janaki feels that Sathya is fortunate to have a mother-in-law like Indhumathi. Back at home, Prabhu gets restless on not finding Sathya next to him on the bed. He decides to freshen up and be the first to wish Sathya on their wedding anniversary. A few masked men enter Prabhu’s house. As Prabhu and Sathya are about to wish each other, the goons hit them on their heads. Sathya and Prabhu faint. The goons hit Anitha and Veerasingham too and they lose their consciousness. A few other goons enter the house and thrash Anitha and Veerasingham who are already lying unconscious on the bed. Stream Sathya – Mahasangamam premiere episodes before TV only with ZEE5 Club Pack! Avail exclusive films, ZEE5 Originals, and series at just Re 1 per day!

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