Sathya 01 July Written Update: Will Rajavarman help Sathya?

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July 2, 2021


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In the previous episode of Sathya, the inspector frames a father and his son. He calls a team of policemen to thrash them. Meanwhile, Sulochana wakes Sathya up and tells her the truth. Later, Sathya bashes the inspector and rescues the falsely accused.


In this episode of Sathya, Sathya fights the policemen who beat the father and son. Sathya asks Sulochana to call the inspector, but Sulochana tells her she dug her own grave. When Sathya asks Sulochana if there is no policeman, who is sincere and diligent. Sulochana mentions about Rajavarman. She calls him and tells him everything that happened at the police station.

The inspector arrives at the police station and is shocked to see the injured officers. He questions Sathya and is about to slap her. But Sathya stops him. When Rajavarman reaches the police station, Sathya informs him that she is being framed in a drugs case. She further tells him about how the inspector is ill-treating the father-son duo. Raja Varma listens to everything told by Sathya. Sathya encourages Sulochana to tell Raja Varma the truth. Sulochana complains that the inspector misbehaves with her constantly. He sends her inappropriate messages at night. When the inspector tries to defend himself, Rajavarman shuns him.

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