Sargun Mehta, Harsimran Oberoi, Payal Rajput: 5 Shernis Of Pollywood Who Are Rocking It


June 12, 2020


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1. Sargun Mehta

For ages, the Punjabi film industry has been a male-dominated space where an actress has always struggled to sustain and make a mark. But now seems like times are changing in Pollywood. A lot many actresses are ruling the industry as shernis. We got you a list of some such shernis who have been ruling the charts. Scroll down to read on.

In the Punjabi film Surkhi BindiSargun Mehta plays the character of Raano, a girl who dreams of settling in Canada. However, she gets married to Sukha (played by Gurnam Bhullar) and her life takes a 360-degree turn. Initially, she didn’t like Sukha and her marital life, but with time she realises that by giving a second chance, things can get sorted. She discovers that her husband is supportive and he helps her fulfil her dream. With this film, Sargun proved that she is capable of riding a film on her shoulders.

2. Harsimran Oberoi

 Desho aka Harsimran Oberoi from the Zee Punjabi serial Khasma Nu Khani can be an ideal crush for every bachelor out there. Everyone wants a simple and mature girl like her. She handles her life, her home, her kid and her husband brilliantly. And now after getting suspicious about her hubby Arman Arora, she has even become smart now. So undoubtedly, she is a sherni of our Punjabi television.

3. Payal Rajput

Playing the role of a wild, carefree girl like Kainaat Dhillon is a litmus test for any artist. And that’s what Payal Rajput does with ease in the Punjabi film Channa Mereya. It is a remake of 2016’s cult Marathi movie Sairat, so Payal had the additional challenge of performing on the lines of Rinky Rajguru — the lead of Sairat. But Payal did a splendid job and her character stood out as a strong-minded girl.

4. Sonam Bajwa

Sonam Bajwa has proved her acting chops by playing the role of Ammy Virk’s childhood friend Roop Kaur in 2017’s hit Punjabi film Nikka Zaildar 2. Her controlled emotions, her simplicity, and her maturity won the hearts of many and thus she is a capable contender for being in this list.

5. Nirmal Rishi

We know that you’re surprised by this name, but it is a fact that veteran Nirmal Rishi is in every other film. Be it Band Vaaje or Kala Shah Kala or Nikka Zaildar 2, she is a true scene-stealer and one expects nothing but a stellar performance from her.
So, this was our list of shernis from Pollywood. Let us know what you think about our list in the comment section below.

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