Santoshi Maa: All You Need To Know About ‘The Mother of Satisfaction’

And TV’s mythological show Santoshi Maa is back with season two. Catch #SantoshiMaaSunayeinVratKathyein from 28 January 2020, starring Gracy Singh.


January 17, 2020


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Santoshi Maa is a popular serial, showcased on And TV, that is going into its second season. This mythological show is based on Goddess Santoshi, and depicts her significance. The leading ladies of the show are Gracy Singh, who plays  Goddess Santoshi herself, and Tanvi Dogra, who is seen as her most prominent devotee, Santoshi Dhairya Mishra. The show depicts the power of true faith and beautifully exhibits the relationship between a God and her worshiper, and how the former always takes care of the latter.

As your love for the show continues to grow,  we bring you the story behind this heartwarming and inspirational narrative and shed light on the significance of Santoshi Maa. She emerged as a goddess in the early, 1960s and her cult was formed with the help of vrata pamphlets and poster art, that were distributed all around.  She was particularly worshipped by the women, in north India. Santoshi Maa is viewed as the mother of satisfaction. They say that one of the many ways to make Santoshi Maa happy, is by keeping a vrata or a fast, for sixteen consecutive Fridays, so that the goddess will fulfil any wish you ask for.

Santoshi Mata emerged as the goddess in the early 1960s. Her cult initially spread through word of mouth,vrata-pamphlet literature, and poster art. Her vrata was gaining popularity with North Indian women. However, it was the 1975 Bollywood film Jai Santoshi Maa(“Hail to Santoshi Maa”)—narrating the story of the goddess and her ardent devotee Satyavati—which propelled this then little-known “new” goddess to the heights of devotional fervour. With the rising popularity of the film, Santoshi Mata entered the pan-Indian Hindu pantheon and her images and shrines were incorporated in Hindu temples. The film portrayed the goddess to be the daughter of the popular Hindu god Ganesha and related her to the Raksha Bandhan festival, however, it had no basis in Hindu scriptures.

Santoshi Maa wields a sword in one hand, a trishul in another and holds a gold pot of rice, in her third hand. She signifies wellbeing and prosperity and is believed to be extremely loving towards her devotees. They say that  if you worship her, you have nothing to worry about and all your problems will get solved. But get on her wrong side, and hell hath no fury! Santoshi Maa can display her wrathful side like no other. However, she is a forgiving goddess and blesses those who correct their mistakes. Her ‘vrata’ ends with an elaboratepuja, where you must present freshly picked flowers and gur-chana (chickpeas roasted in jaggery), to show her that you are fully devoted to her.

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