Santoshi Maa 27 February 2020 Written Update: Santoshi Maa Saves Swati From A Fire

In tonight’s episode, Polomi Devi sets Swati’s saree on fire, but Santoshi Maa transforms into a human and saves her devotee. Read more here!

Jessica David

February 28, 2020


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In tonight’s episode of Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein, to test her boon given by Mahadev, Polomi Dev holds her husband Devraj Inder’s hand and exercises her magical powers. She sets Swati’s saree on fire when the latter is doing household chores. Swati screams on top of her voice and Narad Muni pleads with Santoshi Maa to help her devotee. Santoshi Maa raises her hand to pour water on her saree, but nothing happens. So, she transforms into a human as Swati’s didi and douses the fire. Parvati questions Mahadev, as to why he allowed Polomi Devi to carry out such an evil deed. Mahadev doesn’t answer because he is meditating. Parvati gets furious and declares that she will confront Polomi Devi about her wicked intentions herself.

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When Parvati sets out, Narad Muni blocks her way and asks her to spare Polomi Devi. But, Parvati gets her trishul and threatens him to wage a war, but he runs away. When Polomi Devi hears Parvati’s voice shouting her name, Dev Inder tells her to hide and that he will handle the situation. But Polomi Devi refuses to obey and says that she has done nothing wrong. When Parvati is about to attack Polomi, Santoshi Maa takes the form of a little girl and distracts Parvati out of her goodness. Swati tells Indresh about the whole incident and thanks her didi. But late at night, Indresh begins to worry and isn’t able to sleep.

In the next episode, Indresh sets out in search of work and joins a group of labourers to work for his father Singhasan Singh. He sits in the jeep with all the labourers and reaches his house. He hides his face with a cloth so that his father doesn’t recognise him. But when he passes by, Singhasan senses something and stops him. Will Singhasan know that he is Indresh?

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