Salman Khan Recalls His Reaction When Arpita Khan Introduced Aayush Sharma To The Family And Announced Her Intention; Superstar’s Reaction Will Leave You Stunned

Salman Khan recalled that the man Arpita Khan wanted to marry and Sohail Khan wanted to work with was the same person, Aayush Sharma; Here’s what he had to say


November 24, 2021


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Salman Khan recalled how he felt when his sister Arpita Khan introduced Aayush Sharma to their family for marriage. Sohail Khan was also planning a film with Aayush, whom he knew as the guy at the gym at the time. However, once it was discovered that they were the same person, Salman stated that he would make the film for free. Arpita Khan, the younger sister of Salman Khan, tied the knot with Aayush Sharma in 2014. The duo is parents to two children son Ahil Sharma and daughter Ayat Sharma. Salman will be seen next with Aayush in Antim: The Final Truth.

Salman revealed in a recent interview that they were working on this film previously. The script is still in their possession. It was intended for him, but he is no longer of that age. My Punjabi Nikaah was the title of the film. So Sohail approached him and informed him that they were going to look for someone else. Sohail then told me that he saw this guy at the gym and thinks he’s perfect for the role. So, after two days, he told him to sign that guy and go ahead, but Sohail informed him that he hadn’t been to the gym. He used to be a regular, but then they couldn’t find him.

He went on to say that one day Arpita called. He lived just one floor below her, but when she called, they all came to meet her. They also noticed this boy standing with Arpita, his father, and mother. They’d seen him around earlier as well. Arpita then informs her father that she wishes to marry him. He asked her if he was the guy from the gym, and she confirmed it. He asked Sohail if he was the same guy he had in mind for his film, and he said yes. So Salman told him that he would make the film for free with him.

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Furthermore, Salman’s Antim: The Final Truth is set to hit theatres on November 2. This will be the first time Salman and Aayush will be seen on screen together. Nikitin Dheer and Mahima Makwana also appear in the film. Salman Khan produced and directed the film, which was directed by Mahesh Manjrekar. Apart from that, Salman has Tiger 3 in the works, in which he will co-star with Katrina Kaif.

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