Sai Pallavi Birthday Special: Celebrating the Kanam star who is loved beyond her films

Kanam star Sai Pallavi is the kind of artiste we need more of. Here’s why!

Bhavna Gandikota

May 9, 2021


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Sai Pallavi is one of those actors who charm you with not just their performance, but also with their simplicity. The Kanam star has always made sure to give us performances that stay with us forever. We love her, and think that we really need an artist like her in this day and age because of the examples she sets!

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Sai Pallavi is as glamourous and elegant as it gets, but she is unabashed about her beauty, and never tries to change herself. She sees no need to hide her freckles and pimples, both off-screen and on-screen. What makes her desirable is how well she has accepted herself, which inspires us too! Even in her movies, she makes sure that no one tries to mask what society calls ‘flaws’. We desperately need people who encourage people to embrace their real selves, and Pallavi does this beautifully.

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All Sai Pallavi fans know that she even refused to endorse a fairness cream brand, that offered her a huge sum of money. It speaks volumes about what the discrimination between fair and dusky means for her. She later said that she doesn’t believe in having to become fair to be beautiful and did not have to think even for a second before declining it. She puts her morals over money, which makes us respect her even more!

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Be it through her roles or her social media, she has convinced us that she is the definition of a girl-next-door. She is a star in her own rights, but it never seemed to take over her personality. She never needed anything more than a smile to take our breaths away!

Source: Instagram

However, just when you think that she was actually relatable, you learn how supremely talented she is! The actress can speak over four languages, is a star across three languages, and, we all know how she can take the stage by storm if she shakes a leg. It is not usual for someone to be this talented, and yet be so grounded!

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