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Saheber Cutlet: 5 outstanding performances that stood out in this Arjun Chakraborty starrer

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

March 24, 2021

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The multi-starrer musical Saheber Cutlet has some of the best performances. Find out more.

Directed by Anjan Dutt, Saheber Cutlet is one brilliant musical food film. The film stars several notable actors such as Arjun Chakraborty, Anindita Bose, Suprobhat Das, Sritama Dey, Ambarish Bhattacharya, Kanchan Mullick and even Anjan Dutt himself. While each of these actors has given some of the most captivating performances in Saheber Cutlet, here are the top five performances from the film.

Watch the trailer of Saheber Cutlet here:

1. Arjun Chakraborty

Lead actor Arjun Chakraborty, who played the role of Ronojoy in Saheber Cutlet, has been seen portraying the role flawlessly. Arjun’s portrayal of the attributes one may see in a young man, who starts facing annoying challenges while trying to fulfil a dream, was highly impressive. Passion, irritability, impulsiveness, reconnection, and compassion, were all incorporated by the actor almost effortlessly.

Ronojoy in Saheber Cutlet
Source: ZEE5

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2. Anjan Dutt

Anjan Dutt is one legend of a man, whether in the world of music or cinema. While being the director and lyricist of the film, he also played the key role of Ostaad in it. And needless to say, Anjan Dutt absolutely killed it with his unparalleled performance which is a literal delight to watch in Saheber Cutlet.

Ostaad in Saheber Cutlet
Source: ZEE5

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3. Suprobhat Das

Suprobhat Das, who essayed the role of Potla, made the presence of all the complex emotions of the character come to light beautifully. From protectiveness to ego to rebelliousness, from rage to vulnerability to maturity, and from understanding to caring to supportiveness, Potla’s character has it all. And Suprobhat simply nailed these raw emotions!

Potla in Saheber Cutlet
Source: ZEE5

4. Sritama Dey

Sritama Dey is a marvel of the film with her portrayal of Khedi’s role. An innocent small-town girl, she falls for Rono when he starts living in the house. From adoration to supportiveness to the feeling of betrayal to forgiveness and acceptance, she is seen displaying all the character traits of Khedi through the experience remarkably well. You are missing out if you have not yet watched this one!

Khedi in Saheber Cutlet
Source: ZEE5

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5. Kanchan Mullick

Kanchan Mullick’s at par talent is no secret and he proves it yet again in this film. It is not easy to be loved by your audience while also being a terrible annoyance of a character, but his excellent portrayal of Kana Ukil manages to do so. The way he delivers his performance towards the end of the film while making the most innocent request to Rono truly completes his character as a whole.

Kana Ukil in Saheber Cutlet
Source: ZEE5

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