Sagarika Suman Makes Shocking Allegations Against Raj Kundra And The Company: “Was Asked To Audition Without Clothes”!

Recently, actor-model Sagarika Suman made some shocking revelations related to the adult film racket. She claimed that she was offered a web series owned and produced by Raj Kundra.

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July 22, 2021

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Delving amidst the underbelly of cybercrime, the Mumbai Crime Branch has found several strands linking to the creation of pornographic films. And further investigation led them to Shilpa Shetty’s husband and businessman Raj Kundra. Following this, Kundra was taken into police custody for his alleged involvement in the case. And now, model-actor Sagarika Shona Suman has made some shocking revelations, fuelling the ongoing controversy. This has ultimately brought to light, the chain of working behind the production of pornographic films.

After Raj Kundra’s arrest, actor-model Sagarika Suman has opened up about the controversy. During an interaction with the press, she claimed that she got a call from ‘one’ Umesh Kamat who offered her a web series.  As cited in her telephonic conversation, this project was being owned and backed by Raj Kundra. And to proceed further, Sagarika was asked to give a “nude audition” on a video call. “As soon as it was time for the audition, he asked me for an audition without clothes,” Sagarika revealed.

Furthermore, Sagarika shared that she had forgotten the incident as a “bad experience”. However, as the news broke out in the media, she decided to come forward. On the other hand, Mumbai Police had already arrested Umesh Kamat who was a former employee of Raj Kundra. He was accused of uploading at least eight “pornographic and obscene” videos shot by Gehna Vasisth.

For those unaware, Kundra’s name came in when the investigation led to the involvement of a UK production company, Kenrin. In a statement issued by the Mumbai Police commissioner, Raj Kundra is being referred to as a “key conspirator” in this case.

Earlier this year, a case related to the production of pornographic films was registered with the Mumbai Crime Branch. And this led to the beginning of a series of investigations. As per the reports, Raj Kundra had invested nearly 8 to 10 crores in this industry. So far, 11 persons including Kundra have been arrested in the case. Well, it remains to be seen what the further development brings in.

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