Sachin Pathak Opens Up About His Late Mentor Nishikant Kamat And Their 18-Year Association

Sachin Pathak, director of Rangbaaz Phirse, talks to us about the important role Nishikant Kamat played in his professional and personal life. Nishikant Kamat passed away on 17 August 2020.

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August 18, 2020


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Nishikant Kamat passed away on 17 August 2020 after suffering from a liver ailment. He was a unique director that gained the respect of all his actors. To the audiences he will be remembered for his socially relevant action thrillers like Dombivali Fast, Madaari and the widely popular murder mystery, Drishyam. However, for Sachin Pathak who has worked with Nishikant Kamat for the last 18 years, the loss is much deeper. Sachin Pathak who made his directorial debut with the ZEE5 Original Series Rangbaaz Phirse, tells us how much of an impact ‘Nishi Sir’ had on his life as his mentor.

1. How much of a shock was it for you when you heard the news? 

Actually it wasn’t such a shock. I was in Hyderabad for a shoot when Nishi sir came to Hyderabad for treatment. That time I didn’t know he was critical. Then I wrapped up the shoot and left. When I reached Mumbai, I found out that his condition was critical. I caught a flight and went to Hyderabad where it eventually happened…

2. Did you have any regrets? Anything you wished you had said to him? 

No I don’t have any regrets as such. I have worked with him since 2003 and basically right from our theatre days we’ve been working together. We worked together in a Marathi TV show ‘Unit 9’. Then from Dombivali Fast onwards, I have worked on all his films. He was the only director who would let me handle the whole set from time to time. He had that trust in me and he wasn’t insecure that I will use this to chance to go ahead of him or anything. He taught me the ways of the industry from handling people to managing budgets. He gave me the confidence to be the director I am now.

When Rangbaaz came out, he was happier than everyone. He was happy that someone who learnt from him went on to do such a hit series. Even though he was a film director and this was OTT, he sat down during the editing sessions for the series to guide me sometimes. So he was fine till December last year and now this… it is shocking in some ways.

3. Since he was like a mentor to you, what is the biggest life lesson your learnt from him. 

He was absolutely my mentor. The biggest lesson I learn from him is to keep on batting and not give away your wicket. The runs will keep coming.

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4. What is the most special memory you shared with him? 

He understood me completely. I have been in a relationship with my wife for 14 years. About seven years in, we began having a lot of fights and problems. I was not able to focus on work and I was making mistakes regularly. Nishi sir took me aside for coffee one day and asked what is wrong. I told him my problem and he explained this was the ‘Seven year itch’. He said it happens in every relationship and if we can get through this then nothing can break your relationship. That is a very emotional memory for me.

5. How will you be taking his legacy forward in your work? 

Even in my post (Instagram) I said that I will keep trying to do good work that will make him proud. He is in a better place now, but he had some stories that he had written but could never make and he has shared them with me. My greatest gift to him would be to making one of these stories someday.

Watch the Nishikant Kamat directed ‘Madaari’, starring Irrfan Khan, streaming on ZEE5.

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