Saajana: We Can’t Stop Gushing About Rama’s Contribution To The Society!

In Saajana, Rama has started studying and is heading the Rojgaar Kendra which provides job to the village women.

Manjiri Shete

November 18, 2019


2 min


Rama’s journey from a caterpillar to a butterfly has been incredible on Saajana. When she entered Pratap’s house, she lacked education and the confidence to speak to people. However, being alongside Aaisaheb and Pratap helped her empower herself. Understanding the importance of education, Rama was enrolled in a college where she diligently started striving to get a degree. Now, while busy studying, Rama has also taken up empowering the other women of the society by forming Rojgaar Kendra. Have a look!

Watch an episode of Saajana below:

Aaisaheb and Pratap have made a notable contribution to Rama’s success in Saajana. With their help, Rama is now heading a group of women who use their cooking expertise in earning honest money. They have big orders come to them after which they prepare the dishes which are asked. Rama sees to it that these women are able to support their family and become financially independent. This cycle of good deed continues further, as the women can send their children to school and teach them to dream big.

Seeing this makes us so happy as Aaisaheb and her whole family is providing the required assistance to these villagers. Aaisaheb and Rama prove that empowered women empower women. By taking this initiative, they are setting a great example in front of their audience and showing them the importance of learning and doing hard work. After seeing this, are you just as impressed as us with Rama’s contribution? We would love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

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