Saajana: How Rama Can Tackle Suman’s Jealousy!

Suman has always been jealous of seeing Rama’s success. Before their relationship worsens further, here are ways Rama should handle it.

Manjiri Shete

October 17, 2019


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In Saajana, Sumana jealously towards Rama is publicly known to all. Suman, who isn’t someone who will mince her words, takes every opportunity to insult Rama and pick out her faults. These taunts have been coming Rama’s way ever since she and her sister moved in with Suman’s family. Seeing this situation, makes us feel bad for Rama and think about different ways to calm the situation. Have a look!

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Discuss your insecurities

Rama should take the higher road and assure Suman that even she isn’t as perfect as the latter believes. Rama and Suman’s relationship is aggravated because Suman’s parents keep complimenting Rama. So, it would be helpful if Rama shows Suman the times when she has been wrong too. Suman

Highlight Suman’s achievements

Suman, due to her jealous nature, isn’t used to being complimented for her skills. But, Rama (and the other family members) could show Suman her good qualities. Like, if Suman cooks a delicious meal at Pratap’s house, then, Rama and Manju should tell her that she has done a good job! Little compliments like this will only boost Suman’s lowered self-esteem.

Stop comparing

Suman should stop comparing herself to Rama mentally. This is easier said than done as Mama and Mami are always comparing both of them while underestimating Suman. But, Suman should realise she is a unique and a separate person than her sister is. Just because Rama is a good cook, doesn’t mean Suman has to share the same talent. She is allowed to excel at something else.

Rama should ignore Suman

This could be the final retort if the above options don’t work and Suman’s bullying continues. Rama, who has always been understanding of Suman, doesn’t have to be Suman’s puppet. The best thing Rama can do is act indifferent and pretend like she didn’t hear Suman’s taunt. Getting a lack of reaction from Rama, Suman will have to stop somewhere or the other.

What do you think about the above options? We would love to know if you have any other alternatives to solve the crisis between Rama and Suman.

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