Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Season 17: Singer Composer Guru Kiran Invited As Special Guest

Catch the best performances given by contestants during this weekend’s episode!


September 28, 2020


3 min


Last week in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Season 17, Ashwin Sharma gave us a grand opening performance as he sang the devotional song of Ramaya Ramabhadraya with his own twist and uniqueness while Police Officer Subramani wrapped up the show as he gave us a peppy performance of Manik Bandhila Antarvedi. We also witnessed a competitive but fun face-off between Priya and Vishwatha Bhat as well as Sharada Patil and Asha Bhat.

This week is a special episode as host Anushree welcomed all the contestants and judges for another challenging set of performances that will determine who will make it to the next round. The judges we as excited as possible all set to witness what the contestants have in store for them just as we couldn’t wait to see what they have lined up for us. Singer and composer Guru Kiran was invited as the special guest for this episode to give out the most valuable input for our budding artists.

Varna and Subramani

Speaking of the performances, the first performance was by Varna and our very own police officer Subramani who managed to get us into the weekend groove this Saturday while the next performance was by Lion Man Kiran Patil who sang the song Mast Mastu Hudugi Bandhlu that starred Upendra in the film. Another power-pack performance was given by Srinidhi Shastri who sang the Shambo Shiva Shambo and trust me this one will give you the goosebumps like no other. A performance that mustn’t be missed was given by Darshan wherein he sings Kotigobba from Sahasa Simha.

The judges also had a light moment wherein they spoke about their initial years of struggle while advising the contestants to make the most of this opportunity as Vijay Prakash wrapped up the show by giving out a live performance that is likely to take your breath away!

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