Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Season 17: Catch Vijay Prakash As He Sings Ravivarmana Kunchada

Catch the best performances given by contestants during this weekend’s episode!


October 13, 2020


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Last week in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Season 17, the contestants, as well as judges, paid a tribute to S.P Balasubrahmanyam – the man who sang from his heart and soul.

This episode was full of surprises as it was a retro weekend for the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa family. Like every other weekend, the very beautiful host of the show Anushree welcomed one and all to yet another episode.


The judges, too, were dressed in retro costumes and we must say they looked their best in this episode!

Arjun Janya

The first performance given to us was by police officer Subramaniam who sang Ee Desha Channa from the movie Kaveri. While the music was by M Ranga Rao, the singer of the song is the very talented S.P Balasubrahmanyam and lyrics by Vijayanarasimha.


The next song was by the very talented duo Ratnamma and Manjamma who sang Nagunagutha Nee Baruve from the album Giri Kanye that was released on 1977. This song was also sung by S. Janaki.

Ratnamma and Manjamma

The next song was sung by Neha Shastri who sang the song Aadu Aata Aadu from the movie Kulla Agent 000 (1972) and was sung by the very famous Kishore Kumar.

Neha Shastri

That was followed by Govardhan Thaatha who beautifully sang the song Shivappa Kaayo Tande from Bedara Kannappa. It was, indeed, a special day for him as he celebrated his wedding anniversary with his wife. Catch the most romantic moment between the two in this episode.

Govardhan Thaatha

Vijay Prakash also wrapped up the show with the song Ravivarmana Kunchada Kale from the 1977 Kannada film, Sose Tanda Soubhagya, that is one of the most famous songs of its time.

Vijay Prakash

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