Sa Re Ga Ma Pa- Next Singing Icon: When Deepu, Revanth and other mentors took over the stage and rocked it!

The mentors’ special episode On Sa Re Ga Ma Pa- Next Singing Icon was packed with performances and touches of laughter but more importantly, it showed us how talented the mentors are!

Bhavna Gandikota

January 6, 2021



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While the contestants make Sa Re Ga Ma Pa- Next Singing Icon what it is, we cannot discount the mentors’ efforts in coaching them to perfection. We get to hear all the mellifluous contestants sing every episode, but the mentors walk the stage rarely. Even when they pick up their mikes to sing, they restrict their performance to only a few seconds. In one of the most recent episodes, the mentors decided to give the contestants a break. After the quarter-finals, they decided to make the stage theirs for one episode and packed it with terrific performances.

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The mentors’ special episode started with Deepu crooning the Taxiwala number “Maate Vinadhuga” which set the stage on fire and warmed it up for the other mentors! This was followed by Revanth’s mesmerising performance of ‘Telisiney’ and Pruthvi’s ‘Lover Also Fighter Also.’

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The mentors completely rocked the stage and showed everyone why they deserved to teach all the contestants. The episode would have been incomplete without Saketh and Sony’s medley of songs. The cherry on the cake was the orchestral performances by Damini, Raghuram and Harika who elevated the elegance quotient of the show.

The judges were full of praises for each of the mentors and we believe that the contestants have a lot of expectations to meet after this episode since they need to be at par with their gurus. Every mentor has had a long-standing career in the industry and their expertise puts the contestants on a higher pedestal.

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