Sa Re Ga Ma Pa-Next Singing Icon: Pradeep’s definition of force and reverse engineering will have you in splits!

Pradeep from Sa Re Ga Ma Pa- Next Singing Icon redefined the laws of physics and you just cannot miss it!

Bhavna Gandikota

March 29, 2021



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On Sa Re Ga Ma Pa- Next Singing Icon, the countdown to the grand finale is on. While we are eager to see who wins the title, the one person on the show who keeps us thoroughly entertained is Pradeep. He will somehow find a way to make you laugh and he did it yet again.

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As Pawan finished his performances, Pradeep asked him if he had his viva in college. Pawan then asked Pradeep if he could ask him a few questions. He asked Pradeep questions like “what is reverse engineering” and “what is force.” Pradeep had the most innovative answers. Pradeep redefined the laws of physics in a way that no one can forget.

When asked what reverse engineering is, he said that it is when you write your engineering exams in September instead of March. We certainly were not expecting this reply but can you ever expect Pradeep to say anything that is not hilarious? We are grateful he left his engineering to do this!

Pradeep on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa- Next Singing Icon
Source: ZEE5

When asked what force is, he said that it is when they are forced to stay on the sets till 2 or 3 at night, for a shoot that was supposed to get over at 10 pm itself. This reply had everyone in splits and rightly so! We guess they all relate to Pradeep at this point, which is why the laughs were so big!

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While Pradeep rewrites the laws of physics, we certainly hope that Pawan gave the examiner better answers! We love these moments from between the performances, and Pradeep makes it even better every time.

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