Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Keralam 21 March 2020 Update: Duet Challenge Performances Rock Semi Finals

Music director Alphonse Joseph was invited as the special guest on the Semi-final special episode of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Keralam. Read the full update here

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March 21, 2020


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On the semi-final episode of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Keralam, Jeeva invited eliminated contestant Punya Pradeep back on the show and announced the vacant sixth seat selection through audience vote. Jeeva called music director Alphonse Joseph as the special guest on the show. Jasim and Bharat were invited for the first Duet Challenge Performance in the Semi-finals with the song Sree Vinayaka. Sujatha Mohan explained how the marking system will be based on the best performance from the two singers and the contestant with the highest score will win the round.

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Kannur Shareef pointed out several mistakes from Bharath and Jasim in the performance but appreciated the overall rendition of the hit song. Gopi Sundar praised Bharath for his elegant voice and pointed out the grip in Jasim’s voice. Jasim scored 98 marks and won the challenge while Bharat waits for the second performance with 96 marks.

Jeeva invited music director Alphonse Joseph to sing his hit song Aaromale on the show. After the rocking performance from Alphonse, Jeeva called Shwetha and Narayani for the second performance in the semi-finals with the superhit song Angoopangam from the movie Devasuram.

Kannur Shareef explained how he noticed minor pitch problems from the contestants and commented on how Narayani lacked confidence in the performance. Sujatha Mohan explained how the contestants constantly challenged each other throughout the performance. Narayani scored 96.5 for the performance while Shwetha won the performance with 97.5 marks.

For the next performance in Duet Challenge round, Jeeva invited Sreejish and Akbar to perform the song Kattu Kuyilu from the super hit Tamil film Dalapathy. Alphonse Joseph praised the rocking performance from the contestant. Shaan Rahman praised the amazing vibe the contestant brought through the performance. Sreejish scored 95 marks for his performance while Akbar won the round with 96.5 marks. With one more round of Duet Challenge Performance left for all contestants, who will move forward to the Grand Finale? Stay tuned to find out!

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